7 mistakes people make in skincare


Sometimes it feels like you are doing everything right with your skin but your skin is not exactly where you want it to be. It could be the littlest detail you are missing out on. Keep reading to know which of these mistakes you are making.

  • Not wearing the right SPF: Yes, your lotion has spf but is it the right amount that is needed on your skin? If at all anything, you should never forget to wear an spf lower than 30. The damages caused by UV rays are easier prevented than cured. You know what they say about prevention being better than cure.
  • Not exfoliating / Over exfoliating: Of course, there’s a thing such as over exfoliation. Yes, you want to get rid of those dead cells and unclog your pores, but in doing so, you don’t have to kick your skin into an overdrive. Over exfoliation can make your skin hypersensitive, it can cause breakouts, irritation and sensitive to other products causing a stinging sensation. You might want to limit it to about two times a week. On the other hand, not exfoliating at all results in a dull complexion, clogged pores may set in followed by breakouts. It is important to find a balance.
  • Changing products often: We get the excitement in trying out a new skin care product but when your skin is used to a particular product, it’s better to stick to it. Something about ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’. If at all you want to try something new out, ease it in till your skin is used to it. Changing your products often will confuse your skin.
  • Not drinking enough water: Drinking enough water, can help delay signs of aging as water keeps you hydrated, leaving your skin supple. Water also helps to flush out toxins from the body and this in turn will help improve your complexion. So, don’t underestimate the power of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is recommended.
  • Not cleaning your phone: Your phone holds on to tons of bacteria and when you make calls, all that bacteria goes back right to your face! You should get in the habit of making use of wipes to clean your phone.
  • Sleeping with makeup on: We know how tired you can be at night but whatever you do, do not! We repeat, do not sleep with your make up on. If you are too tired, a great trick is to always keep your wipes next to your bed. This way you won’t be too tired to get up.
  • Not changing your pillowcase: Remember when we said the little things matter, yes your pillow case accumulates a lot of bacteria that get transferred to your skin. Change them at least every week.

Now, which of these mistakes do you make?

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