Retinol and Your Face

Talking about skincare ingredients, one reigns supreme and that is RETINOL, this is a type of retinoid derived from Vitamin A. Few of the graces it bequeaths to its faithful users are; reduction of acne, stimulating collagen production I.e. anti aging qualities, regulating skin cell turnovers, clearing of dark spots, and ultimately brightening the skin. Its benefits are immeasurable.
Its prevention of Fine lines or wrinkles has been proven beyond doubt to be superb.
Adding this to your skin regimen should definitely be a no-brainer for anyone interested in preserving the youthfulness and the glow of their face.

In as much as all these are wonderful, we just might tend to get it wrong a few times when it comes to application, usage, and expectation.

However, these reactions could also be a result of the wrong application as earlier stated.

Let’s mention a few early and not so pleasant experience you might get when you start using

You might experience unusual dryness of the skin, and this is normal because you are introducing your face to something new, especially if it is used by an aged person.

You could also have the tendency to break out more, as the retinoids are been infused into your skin, it goes in to flush out excess oil on the face, and what is the main cause of pimples…OILS.

This is another reaction you might experience, your skin might start to peel.

In as much as these could be possible, remember not all skin types are the same, you just might get so lucky you skip these phases and leap into the enjoyment phase of Retinol.

That leads us to the question:
What is/are the right(s) way to use Retinol?

The first and most important thing to note in the application of Retinol is that it is best used at night time, before going to bed. This is better because, your skin tissues are more relaxed and at that point, they are open and easy to work with as opposed to daytime when you barely have time to chill.

Secondly, you should not start to use too much quantity at the inception of usage, rather you could start small and alternate the days you use them, and over time, you make it a routine.

Also, note that Retinols are best applied not immediately after washing your skin, this is because damp skin may allow retinol penetrate deeply and might cause side effects, instead, it is advisable that you wait a while, about 5 to 10 minutes after washing and drying your face before applying retinol on your face.

In conclusion, do not be quick to stop using retinol in its early stages because of a few changes on your skin, but give it time. Like most beautiful things, they take time and so does retinol.

By Anthonia Ethakpemi

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