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“Your skin is the only place you have to live in”

VSP BOTANICS was created in September 2016. The now known brand started off as a small batch natural skincare brand. Our specialty is strictly on Plants, Non-toxic, and Cruelty free skincare that are high-performing, very mild yet super effective for their designated functions.

Values help us set direction and give a sense of purpose to what we do. They inspire. That is why one of our core values here at VSP BOTANICS is ‘product transparency’. We are open about every single ingredient put together in achieving all products because ingredient used in making the products used in keeping your skin healthy should not be a mystery.

We believe that whatever we put into our skin goes down the bloodstream just as what we eat, so it is important that we pick them wisely. Our skin health is of great importance so choose only SAFE and HEALTHY products.

SAFE – Our formulas are supported and verified by extensive research. We follow the truth, not just what is popular as our ingredients are in appropriate concentrations. This makes us under-promise but over-deliver.

PLANT-BASED - Active ingredients are mainly from fruit extracts like beet root, avocado, bergamot, calamansi...etc., no synthetic/artificial preservatives, no fillers.

FRAGRANCE FREE - All product fragrances are from pure essential oils.

CRUELTY-FREE - We never test on animals any stage of product development and will never.

NON-TOXIC - parabens free, non sulfuric, zero phthalates.

Our team is comprised of a dedicated team of beauty experts, clinical experts (biochemists, microbiologists, and botanists), and other teams integral to its success. Our collection keeps expanding by adding the best of the bests.


VSP BOTANICS is poised towards helping women, men of all ages, skin types feel comfortable in their own skin, liberating anyone with skin concerns like the taunting effect of stretchmarks, body blisters, cellulite, psoriasis, body discolorations and others.


Men and women all across the world can boast of a healthy, radiant and beautiful skin with the help of plants; encouraging people to embrace plants and its enormous benefits.


Confidence determines how far we go and how much we are able to achieve in life. At VSP BOTANICS, we help in boosting self confidence with our life-saving and story-changing products. All derived from plants, guaranteeing lifelong beauty.

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