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Silicon Massaging Brush
February 2, 2021
May 4, 2021
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Double Cleansing Set


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How to double cleanse;

Pour a good amount of dazzle oil on a clean palm and thoroughly massage on face for at least 60 seconds, wash off immediately

Pour cleanser on palm adding a pinch of Moroccan soap, so the cleanser lathers. Continuously massage for at least 60 seconds, then wash off.

Dry face with a neat towel and apply the face cream.

Do this at night, for at least thrice weekly.


Double cleansing face routine is a oil+water cleanser purifying regimen where the oil cleanser attracts dirt, debris and excess oil from your face whilst the water cleanser targets your skin concern with active and subtle ingredients to hydrate, treat and smooth the face. Regular double cleansing brings the face to perfection.


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