Let’s Talk About ACIDS-2

After the first write-up about ACIDS, does it still sound like some torture device in a horror movie rather than a pathway to glowing skin? We promise they’re the latter. We are about to conclusively and totally change your view on what you think and know about acids with beautiful benefits of different types of acids.

Glycolic acid- is the most popular alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) used in skin care, derived from sugarcane and it’s the smallest AHA in terms of molecule which makes most effective at gently dissolving into the skin. Glycolic, like salicylic, is great for people with oily or acne prone skin but its benefits can really be gotten by any user. It’s very effective at exfoliating skin and reducing fine lines, preventing acne, fading dark spots, and evening out skin tone and texture. However, use of glycolic acid increases sun sensitivity even when it’s not on the skin, so you need to use sunscreen as well to prevent extra sun damage.

Lactic acid- is the best researched AHA after glycolic acid, and is notable for being gentler, more hydrating, more effective and smoothens out skin texture. It’s derived from milk so it has a moisturizing element that the other exfoliating acids lack, perfect for those with sensitive skin who are still looking to reduce hyperpigmentation and reducing fine lines. If you’re looking for a product with Lactic acid, try: VSP’s Rejuvenating face cream.

Mandelic acid- is another alpha-hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds. Like glycolic acid, it’s an exfoliating agent that’s useful for preventing acne, treating sun damage, and evening out pigmentation. It has the largest molecule of all the AHAs which allows it to penetrate skin slower and gentler than the others, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin (less irritating).

Azelaic acid- “the holy grail to saying goodbye to pimples” is most commonly found in prescription products for acne and rosacea treatments. This acid helps in decreasing inflammation, redness, treating acne, keeps pores clear, and fading post-acne marks.

Kojic acid- found in cleansers and serums at 1 to 4 percent concentrations has toning and anti-aging properties. According to studies, it is said to have irritating effects to the skin but also very effective.

Other types of Acids great for the skin—Citric acid, Tartartic acid, Malic acid, Oleic acid, Lipoic acid, Alguronic acid, Ferulic acid

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