Tips to help Soap Bars Last Longer

When you find a soap you love, you want it to last as long as it should. We bring you hacks on how to make your solid soap last longer

  • Keep the soap away from water
    This is the most common and known hack. Nothing will make your soap disintegrate faster than keeping it wet. Water breaks down the firmness of the soap and makes its replacement inevitable and much more frequently. Somewhere close to the reach of water pouring from the shower or stream of hot water is a bad spot.
  • Allow soap sit in appropriate soap dish/soap saver that allows for drainage, after use
    Don’t let your bar soap sit in a puddle of water. Look for a soap dish that allows for adequate air circulation so the bar can dry after each use. Some soap dishes have raised beds, while others may have a removable top rack that allows for drainage. Soap dish without drainage, makes your bar liable to become soggy.
  • Place soap in a high dry place, to make it air dry
    The conditions of most bathrooms are hot and humid, this does not make soap last longer. For better longevity, consider removing bars of soap from the bathroom to keep them dry between uses. Another way is to store soap bars in a dry area away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. This way you’re maintaining a harder, longer lasting bar of soap, with less likeliness to crumble.
  • Using a wash cloth/sponge helps to create lather than bare hands which will consume more more of the product
    Skin is less able to produce and retain lather from soap than other materials. Using a washcloth while bathing, helps use less soap overall because the washcloth will create more lather and it the foam created will go farther in cleaning your body than simply using your hands alone. Loofahs help the soap last longer.
  • Small pieces or leftovers can be saved in a pouch
    Have you ever tried putting together smaller pieces of remaining bar together or melting piece by piece on your washcloth? Does the same work as a full soap bar, same effect. Once your soap bar breaks down into smaller pieces that are difficult to use, put those smaller pieces inside a soap-saving pouch. This small bag will work to contain the pieces for reuse.

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