How important are toners- who needs it, how and when to use it…

How important are toners?

Do I really need a toner?

Perhaps you have been wondering if you really do need a toner? If it really even should be part of your skincare routine since you have the scrub, face soap, body soap and lotion.

First, we will talk about the fact that ordinary soap and water may not completely get rid of dirt on the skin. So what happens to the left over? Or what happens when it keeps accumulating everyday? Definitely breakout is bound to occur.

Toners are what help to give the skin a thorough cleansing. It is a way of double checking your cleaning.

What do toners do?

1. Toners help to restore the pH level of of the skin

2. Toners remove the last traces of dirt that remain in the pores even after you must have washed your face.

3. When you use toners, it gives the face a radiant finish as it helps to reduce the appearance of large pores.

4. Toners clean up the skin without stripping it of its natural oil

How and when to use a toner?

For most people, the toner is applied to the cotton pad before applying on the face. Others prefer to put the toners on their palms and then pat on their face. Whichever works best is fine.

The best time to use a toner is after cleansing the face. This when you need to double check and prep the skin for what else you may want to put on it, like a moisturizer.

Can anyone use a toner?

Toners are Infused with different ingredients that meet the requirement of different skin types. This means all skin types can and should use a toner! Just like you would choose a moisturizer based on your skin type, the ideal toner is also based on your skin type cos you don’t want to make things worse in the process of trying to make it better (definitely not!)

For oily skin type, we suggest using the (hydrating toner). It is Infused with calamansi ( enough Vitamin C!) and Green tea. It is alcohol free and designed to keep the production of oil in check.

For dry skin or sensitive skin, we suggest the https://vspbotanics.com/product/rose-water/ It is Infused with mild ingredients such as rose water and Green tea, having sensitive skin in mind. It also consists of 2% L-theanine. These Ingredients contribute to reducing inflammation on the skin, soothing even the most irritated skin.

Gone are the days when toners gave a stinging feeling owing to the alcohol content. Most toners these days, are alcohol free.

To summarize this, toners are a necessary part of your routine no matter your skin type. They offer loads of benefit including hydrating, soothing and smoothening of the skin. They are used after washing the face, but before applying your serums and face creams. They also help to open up your skin to absorb other products well.

You can do well to include a toner in your routine today.

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