Skincare- 5 Love Languages and You

Everyday is another day to delve deeper and think about your love language and reciprocate it to your loved ones, most especially your partner. Therefore identifying your partner’s preference and yours can help to enhance your relationship so you and your partner can understand each other more. Your love language probably won’t be the same as the person who’s receiving it, so it’s important to understand that expressions of love can be different, and that certain things will be appreciated differently and preferred by different people.

But what if it’s being related to skincare like we’re about to do? Continue reading as we look into the five (5) Love languages and how skincare can effectively used to match up to them.

  • ACTS OF SERVICE: This love language is for those who prefer partners to show them appreciation rather than voice it. This can be anything that elevates the daily workload, small uplifting gestures. For a skincare lover or starter, you could choose a simple routine or parts of a skincare routine. It could be you helping your partner place/pick-up his skincare order from our store or oiling her hair and scalp with RAPUNZEL BELLE https://vspbotanics.com/product/rapunzel-belle/, just because she has little to no time to do that.
  • RECEIVING GIFTS: For many of us, receiving gifts is a thoughtful appreciation of love. Not only does this love language show your partner’s paying attention, but is also leaves you with a token to treasure. If this sounds like what your partner likes, go on to https://vspbotanics.com or @vsp_botanics to purchase our high performing products which gives lasting confidence.
  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: If you think words speak louder than actions then this love language is for you. From pet names to compliments to pet names, you see how well your significant order or friend tends to his/her skin and never misses a routine, go on to tell them how good they look and how their skins look at every given time, and of course alongside their efforts.
  • QUALITY TIME: This love language is all about wanting to spend time with your loved one and doing fun activities. Who says doing your skincare routine together (dousing your skin’s with PAMPER SCRUB, then applying face creams and lotions) isn’t a fun activity? Try it out first and see how much memories will be created.
  • PHYSICAL TOUCH: This love language is all about intimacy with hugs, kisses and massages being the key to your happiness. Someone who enjoys physical touch could potentially enjoy body products and applying them for each other. Go on! The DEWY OIL is yours to apply on your partner’s body. Oh, did I mention the SUNSCREEN for face and body, too?

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