LESS IS MORE – The Skincare Routine

The phrase, “less is more” may not be new to many readers. We all hear or must have heard less is more, less is more, be it in relation to social views like make-up, cooking, dressing, and many more areas. Guess what, skincare isn’t left out.

We’ve all read many articles of nighttime or morning routines, ranging from 3 to sometimes 8 steps and 8 steps doesn’t mean the user isn’t comfortable with it or that 3 steps isn’t as effective as the 8 steps. Often times, we get tired of the many steps and crave to cut it down and still have the effective routine.

But, of course, using the right products for our skin type can do wonders in healing and preserving our youthful glow! Less is more can be you applying just a cleanser and a face moisturiser or a 3 step routine rather than 8 steps.

Three to four step healthy skincare regimen may consist of: a gentle PH-balanced cleanser, gentle face moisturizer tailored for your skin type and lotion, vitamin C serum and/ Retinol, daily sunscreen protection (SPF 30 or higher), an exfoliant (used 3 times a week with 2 days interval), an eye cream, Lip balm, Treatment set


  • Vitamin C serum – Face Moisturiser – Sunscreen – Lip balm Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen – Moisturiser or a just a moisturiser containing the required amount of SPF – Lip balm


  • Cleanser/Toner – Vitamin C serum/Retinol – Moisturiser
  • Cleanser/Toner – Eye cream – Vitamin C serum/Retinol – Moisturiser
  • Exfoliate – Vitamin C/Retinol – Moisturiser

For treatment set, using our brand VSP BOTANICS as an example:

  • Spot soap – Acne cleanser – Vitamin C serum – Acne cream
  • Cleanser – Vitamin C serum – Sunburn eraser on affect areas – Moisturiser on non-affected areas

We could go on and on. The basic is knowing your skin type and getting recommendation on the right products for your skin type.Another thing is, never forget the SPF. Reapplication is necessary every two hours.

With these few points, I hope we all can come to a definite conclusion that less truly is more but well, we all have and own our opinions 😉.

Just in case you missed the blog about knowing your skin type, here it is https://vspbotanics.com/2021/07/02/knowing-your-skin-type-and-how-to-take-care-of-it/. You can also send us a message on either of these WhatsApp lines for recommendations 08170428235, 08020528391

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